Gretchen Bridgers – Episode 6

Planning Period Podcast
Planning Period Podcast
Gretchen Bridgers - Episode 6

In this episode of the Planning Period Podcast, I interview Gretchen Bridgers of the Always a Lesson Podcast. Gretchen has been a great help to me during my podcast journey, but is also an informed and intelligent educator. Her podcast is all about giving an uplifting message to teachers, and she does not disappoint in this episode.

We talk a lot about support, both how there isn’t enough, and the ways in which we hope it gets better. Gretchen also gives some excellent advice for how to support fellow teachers, and how to coach teachers if you’re in that kind of role.

You can connect with Gretchen on twitter @GSchultek or at her website

The next episode will release on June 30th, and it will be my ISTE Conference episode. I will be at the conference from the 24th to 28th, so if you’ll be in San Antonio, reach out to me and let me know. I’d love to sit with you and as you my three questions!

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