The Evolving Story of Nanos

Who Will Stand Against the Illiterati?

We are the heroes of the League of Letters and Light. Our mission is to bring literacy to the world through the power of fascinating fiction. Much like other lesser-known leagues, we work on our own, striving in our own boroughs and cities to inspire people through our prose, but in times of great need, the signal is lit and The League comes together.

This is one of those times. Our greatest enemy, Nanos, has returned (as he seems to do every November). Nanos, a being of immense power, and his legion of minions, the Illiterati, have fought against great story-telling since the beginning of time, or 1999.

Last year, The League fought valiantly, and Nanos was blasted into space, over 15.5 million miles away. Unfortunately, he crash landed on the homeworld of the peaceful Plot Bunnies, a world full of mystery, action, and suspense. It appears that while there, he learned the legend of the Writing Gems, 6 powerful stones that control all stories. We have a contact in the land of the Plot Bunnies, a Chris Baty, and he tells us that Nanos believes these stories to be true, and is, as we speak seeking out the 6 Gems.

It is now up to us to stop Nanos by any means necessary. Only through the power of your words can we, as a league, be mighty enough to defeat Nanos and his Illiterati. We will face many challenges along the way, and at each turn, you decide whether we will succeed or fail. Nanos is stronger than he ever was before, and we will need to unite as a League to defeat him. Only when we unite, writing more words than ever, will we succeed.

Only we have the strength of story to stand against him. Others may aid us in our fight, but the tide of battle will be determined by you.

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