TardEase Annual Subscription


Annual subscription to TardEase, Tardy Tracking System.

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TardEase is the easy way for a school to track student tardies and follow through with appropriate consequences.

With TardEase, anyone on campus can submit tardy students simply by entering their ID number. At the end of the day, a designated person on campus gets a preformatted email of parent letters to go home, or detention slips to assign for students that reach their second, third, or more tardy for the quarter or year.

Unlike other attendance tracking solutions, TardEase requires no special hardware and no technical training. Simply set it up and use it throughout the year to bring down tardies and make sure students are in class!

TardEase can be implemented in specific, random, or targeted sweeps, or by tracking all student tardies all periods.

$600 annually.


  • Unlimited use of TardEase tracking for any number of students.
  • Daily email with offenders and consequences
  • Tardy dashboard showing change over time
  • Email support for technical issues.