Thank you for being willing to be a guest on The Planning Period Podcast! I look forward to talking with you. If you’d like to know more details about the interview, they can be seen below the calendar.

Pick a time below when you would like to meet for the interview. Interviews will be conducted over the internet through Zencastr. You will need to be on a laptop with Google Chrome, and a set of headphones. I will send you a link the day of our interview, but it will be something close to

Interviews take about one hour. My episodes don’t focus on a specific topic, but instead on a specific person, talking about the things they find most important in the world of education.

I ask the same three questions of all my guests, but I prefer that my guests not get them in advance, in order to present scripted or forced answers. If you’d like to know the questions, you can listen to a previous episode of the show, but please, do not think too hard about your answers. The show is meant to be informal and conversational.