Coming Soon – TardEase, Tardy Tracking and Consequence Management

For the last year, I have been developing a new product for helping our school handle tracking of tardy students and assigning the consequences to those students that are not making it to class on time between periods. After building the basic shell of the program on Google Sheets, I realized that it was a powerful tool that could be deployed in many schools and for a lower cost than other similar solutions on the market.

TardEase Temp LogoAnd so, TardEase was born!

TardEase is built on Google Sheets and Google Forms as a system to manage tardy sweeps. In the most common implementation, a member of the school leadership team (likely a discipline dean) installs the Google Sheets Add-On from the market. They follow the simple setup steps like inputting the school bell schedule and your student and guardian contact list. TardEase will create a Google Form to share with the members of your school team who will be performing the tardy checks and entering the ID Numbers of students who are late to class.

Each night, TardEase will run a report of students who were caught in their second or third sweep of the year or term, and processes offenses for them. By default, TardEase creates a warning letter to be sent home for any student caught in their second sweep, and a detention slip for any student caught on their third offense (with spaces for setting the date and time of the detention). A phone call list is generated for any student caught in their 4th or more tardy sweep.

Benefits of TardEase include:

  • Easy – Anyone can setup and start using TardEase for their school!
  • Affordable – Unlike similar solutions, there is no per-user or per-student cost, nor any special required hardware.
  • Secure – TardEase does not have access to your student or parent data, you own the spreadsheet that contains that information.

TardEase will be available for a free 30-day trial soon! After the 30 days, an annual subscription is only $600!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please feel free to reply to this post, or email me at