Below is a list of locations and recordings where you can hear me talking more about education, technology, and professional development. And usually some ridiculousness or another.

Chasing Squirrels – How to Talk About Guns and School

In this podcast episode, Chris Cluff and I talk about the issue of guns in schools, and specifically how to talk about the issue with students. Chris reached out to me a few weeks after the Parkland Shooting, as I was becoming highly outspoken about the issue, and as a Canadian, he had a hard time understanding the issues.

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Hot SaucED

One of the most ridiculous questions I’ve ever gotten came from Derek Rhodenizer when he asked “Do you want to eat spoonfuls of hot sauce and talk about education?” Obviously, I had to say yes, and so did Shane Laurence and Carol Salva. It is one of most insane, but still informative, videos I have ever been a part of.

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The Dr. Will Show – That Podcast Life

Dr. Will Deyamport is one of the most entertaining education podcasters around. The man just genuinely owns and embraces his true self on air, so when he asked me to be on his show, I said absolutely! Dr. Will and I talk about podcasting, what it means to me, why I do it, and what I’ve learned from the process.

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The Ed Podcast – Two Squirrels in a Cage

When Shane Laurence sat down to give a title to this episode of his podcast Ed., he knocked it out of the park. Shane and I are both free thinkers who let our trains of thought run without tracks, so the two of us jump all over the place! Prepare for a whirlwind or silliness and ideas.

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A Word in Progress – “Connected”

Derek Rhodenizer’s Sunday night show A Word In Progress is right up my alley. In it, he spends an hour with a guest dissecting in tantalizingly excruciating detail a single word that we use in education. On this episode, he spends a second hour dissecting the word “Connected” with me. We don’t truly agree on the definition, but we have a lot of fun talking about it, and it leaves you thinking.

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Personal Playlist Podcast – It Gets Real

Noa Daniel’s show The Personal Playlist Podcast is aptly named. Noa asks me to pick three songs that makeup my personal playlist; one that has nostalgic value, one that represents you, and one that pumps you up. Truly, this 36 minutes of conversation is the most real and personal thing I have ever put on the internet, and I love it.

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The APlusEdTech Podcast – Student Tech Support

After being on my show, Ashley McBride asked me to be on her podcast to discuss my Student Tech Support classes. It was a fun conversation and it gives a good insight into how to start such a program at your school.

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Time to Teach – Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Tami Jimenez asked me to be on her podcast after she heard me in an episode of my show say that I never write referrals. As an elementary teacher, she was interested in how I manage a classroom at the secondary level without reaching for outside help. In it, I explain how I run a room based on mutual respect, and that I hate moving the locus of control outside my room. It is a practical conversation with simple, actionable ideas.

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