Empath in India (W.I.P.)

I’ve been wanting to do a writing project to get me ready for NaNoWriMo, but almost all my creative juices are flowing the the Jack Wrimo universe. It had been suggested to me that I start the sequel, but I feel this would be cheating on the ideals and standards of NaNoWriMo and outright refused this option.

I recently read about Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young creating The Diamond Club, a crowdsourced erotic fiction novel. What they did was tell their fans about a main character and told them each to write a chapter. The end result is a book that held a spot in the top 10 on the iBook store for about 2 weeks (checkout their podcast here for more details).

While I’m certainly not wanting my fans to write a story for me (and not an erotic fiction writer by any stretch), I like the spirit of the idea: letting the fans help in the creative process. So today (8/30/12) on my twitter I started asking fans to help me create the details of the next book I’m going to write. I will use this page to organize all the tweets I have gotten with ideas.

My plan right now (which is subject to change) is to make the story available as I write on figment.com and/or WattPad. When it is done I will make it a free eBook. Hoping to take less than a month to write it, but we’ll see how well that works out…

Here are the details we have put together and the people who contributed them:

Main Character: Chase Jackson (provided by @plpercifull)

Mini Bio: an empath who can manipulate feelings as well as absorbing others. Perhaps from another planet (provided by @lisacharmed)

Setting: India (provided by @KarleeBradbury)

Antagonist Name: Josh Pierce (@shielatartaglie for Pierce, and @maryiswriting for Josh)

An awesome name that I will use for something: Nevin Hofstra (provided by @LizzyDragon84)

Other Ideas:

Me: An alien empath living in India. That kind of population density could be painful to an empath…
@AstridBryce: Poor alien. Are there empath shields to help protect the alien?

Me: So, we have an alien empath in India. Do we need an antagonist? Maybe a love interest? Can an alien love a human? #SoManyQuestions
@lisacharmed: @BradShreffler of course an alien can love a human. Unless of course he was confused if it was his feelings or the human feelings

@sakurakuroineko: @BradShreffler antagonist/love interest a man who despises aliens who thinks there is one nearby not figuring out who it is

@TShreff: @BradShreffler the story must at least start in the broom closet of a crappy motel in Siberia

Thank you all for your input and support! I’ll update here as more info and links are available.

UPDATE 2/27/13:

I posted a tweet looking for new character names and was given the following names.

Female UFO Believer: Paige Harper (provided by @akopitzke)

Male Journalist: Trevor DeWitt (provided by @EMCaines)

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