Bragging Time

We are a week in to our TEDx project, and my students have made their first posts on their blogs. It has been so much fun for me to read their posts and learn a little more about my students and their passions. I have also noticed students who are usually quiet and timid have really shined with this project.

I made a post on the TEDxWOHS blog with some of my favorites, but I also want to brag about my kids here, because I can!

  • Aliyah – I think this is a great example of a blog that, while not technically perfect, shows great introspection and insight on the part of a student. She really has some deep ideas, and this post shows that.
  • Kendall – Kendall has nailed her personal voice. She is able to write professionally and still sound like herself. It is an impressive talent, one that many bloggers, even as adults, haven’t mastered. Also, some interesting ideas about her future.
  • Cheyenne – This is probably my favorite post of all. Cheyenne hasn’t spoken this many words to me the entire school year. She is very smart, and that’s clear from her demeanor as well as her test scores/grades, but she is very shy. This post shows, without a doubt, how much is going on inside. It is validation that I was right, but more than that, I hope it is a way to get her to share her ideas more.

Please, take the time to read some of these posts. If you like what you read, comment for my kids. I know they would love to get feedback from people outside of the classroom (even if they pretend to be apathetic, they care). If you’re interested in reading any besides these three, all of the links to the student blogs can be found here.