I Am A Valuable Brand

Ok, so admittedly, that title makes me a little uncomfortable. It’s a strange statement, and gives me the impression of someone with an inflated ego and unhealthy dose of arrogance. But, how am I wrong?

Dr. Will’s words on Episode 30 of my show about teachers needing to make their money have been bouncing around in my head for the last month, and I am trying to own them. Over the last few days, they’ve really been hitting me hard, and I’m going to tell you all how.

On Sunday, a company reached out to me on twitter through DM, and this conversation occurred.

When I saw the first message, I admittedly got excited (and reached out to Will for advice). I wasn’t about to do a full episode with an advertiser, that isn’t my show, but the idea that someone wanted to use my platform was flattering and energizing. I felt unworthy a little, that imposter syndrome everpresent, my “little show” as I sometimes think about it. But I asked for my money on Will’s advice.

Then I saw their response, and I quickly got heated. I get it, you’re trying to start a business, and funds are tight. You have to make smart financial choices to stay afloat. But to be upset about the people who only want to “pay to play” is ridiculous!

Running a podcast, recording, editing, posting, managing a website, running a social media presence, and blogging all take time. Lots of time. So. Much. Time. Not unlike, I would imagine developing a set of “evidence-based child behavior tools and games.” Which is why they aren’t giving their product away for free.

And out of the other side of their mouth, complaining that I’m not giving my brand away for free. They are asking me to endorse them, feature them, and share them out to my audience, my friends, my PLN. And they want me to do that for free. No.

It lit a fire in me though. Not just the bright flash of rage, but a lasting heat of coals. My podcast isn’t just a “little show.” I create quality content. I put time into editing it so it sounds good. I put effort into finding great guests and working on my interviews. I interact with my audience on many platforms at all hours day or night. I get on live shows, blog, create promo graphics, and support other podcasters. I talk to mentors who do their own shows and take ideas and advice from them. And people listen to an hour a week of my show as a result.

My time has value. My show has value. My brand has value. And yes, it has intrinsic and personal value to me, but it also has monetary value. My audience trusts me, or they wouldn’t listen. My PLN gets me or they wouldn’t interact with me. I will never support a product I don’t believe in, and I definitely won’t do it for free. I, like will, am going to get my money.

And you know what? You should too.