#ISTE17 – 60in60 Edtech Game Show!

I caught the end of the 60in60 session last year, so I was excited to see it on the listing this year. The session is presented by Brandon Lutz and Scott Snyder.

The basic premise of this session is that it is a March Madness-style bracket of EdTech tools. For example, the first round has Kahoot! pitted against Smore. Now, those aren’t exactly related tools, but after the presenters give a brief overview of each, the audience votes for which they think is better. The winner moves on to the next round (in this case, Kahoot!).

Something I really like about this session is that while I, and most probably, already know the majority of these tools, the presenters, in their 30 second descriptions, try to point out features that maybe others don’t know about or are new. For example, when talking about Kahoot!, they talked about the new jumble mode. When talking about Google Slides, he mentions changing slide sides to have kids make a book. Kind of neat.

The voting aspect of the game makes the session highly interactive. I will say, the gentleman did not seem particularly prepared. They mentioned before the session having to make a change because of the number of participants, so maybe that’s why.

Either way, it’s a fun session, and there are some nuggets to takeaway as well. Some for me:

  • Google Sites has been updated and isn’t terrible. It even somehow beat out OfficeMix, but I call shenanigans on that.
  • I will need to look into PlayPosit. Similar to EdPuzzle (and beat EdPuzzle in it’s face-off).
  • Wizer.me lets you make engaging and interesting worksheets. Free to make your own worksheets and send them out. Will definitely need to look into this one.

Quick run down for anyone interested in the last few rounds.

Round 2

Adobe Spark vs Google Sites
Google Tour Builder vs PlayPosit
Nearpod vs Screencastify
Quizizz vs Kahoot!

Round 3

Google Sites vs Google Tour Builder
Nearpod vs Quizizz

Final Round

Google Sites vs Quizizz