ISTE2016 Summary – Genius Bar: Promoting Student Leadership

As a teacher of what is loosely based off the Genius Bar model (more tech assistants truthfully) I am excited to get to see how to potentially take that class a little further. So I sit, early and waiting eagerly, to see this session, presented by Alicia Johal and Mari Venturino.

They run their Genius Bar very differently than mine. The biggest difference is that it is a club, not a class. This makes their setup a lot more challenging than mine, in my opinion. The adjusted hours based on the portion of the school year. Every morning in the beginning of the year, then weekly as it slows down, and eventually just biweekly.

Another interesting thing that their students do is make tutorial videos for frequent issues. As they said, the “students often get frustrated having to answer the same questions repeatedly, so we have them make videos.”

This ended up being a more informal session, and while it didn’t apply to me, since I’ve already done much of it, there was useful information. If you’d like to see more, checkout their presentation here: