Bragging Time – Again

With the first video reflection due this past Monday, I want to share with everyone some of the hard work my kids are doing. These kids are really crushing this project. It is an unbelievably powerful experience to see the excitement from them while they work on this.

The following students did a great job on their first TED Talk reflection. While not perfect, they got the content of their videos, reflected on what they learned and how they think, and really embodied the spirit of this project. Great work!

  • Jaime, Sibling Bonds – Her intro is awesome, and she thoroughly explained the video and how it changed her thinking. Great work!
  • Shoaib, The Happy Secret to Better Work – Thorough summary and reflection.
  • Kristin, Think Your Email’s Private? Think Again. – Great all the way around, and a really fascinating, and relevant, topic.
  • Jennifer, The Power of Introverts – Great summary and reflection. Well done.
  • Brianna, Confessions of a Depressed Comic – Great summary, great reflection. All around great.
  • Hannah, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Great use of humor in the middle.
  • Cheyenne, How Mars Might Hold the Secret to the Origin of Life – Nailed it again. Great work.
  • Greyson, How to Run A Company with (Almost) No Rules – Really reflective. Connects the video content to his own life and asks great questions. Good work!

If you decide you want to read some of these, please, make a comment. My kids get so excited when they see interesting and complimentary comments on their blogs. That’s what this is all about!

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