#ISTE19 – Virtual Reality Activities that Engage, Enhance, and Extend Student Learning

My next session for the conference is by former podcast guest, and friend, Jon Spike presenting on VR.

He started with an intro activity where he had 3 volunteers join him for a game of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, where Jon is wearing the headset and looking at a bomb he has to defuse. The three volunteers have paper directions for how to defuse the bomb, but cannot see the bomb. They have to explain the directions for defusing and hope not to explode. Jon exploded. Made for a short presentation.

The rest of the session, Jon went through a series of app categories, and then examples of apps that would work for various levels of headsets/VR devices.

An interesting one in the storytelling category is Mindshow. It lets you make videos with digital characters, simply by wearing the headset and acting out what you want the characters to do. It creates great videos without having to know how to do computer animation. It would be a really powerful tool for students.

Jon gave tons of resources and ideas for ways to use VR in classrooms. I am absolutely looking into getting the new Oculus Quest now and am hoping to convince my leadership to purchase me a bunch of them for next year. I highly recommend looking over Jon’s slide deck here.