ISTE2015 Session – Managing a 1:1 Campus

My next (and final) session for today is Managing a 1:1 Campus for Principals and Technology Specialists. I’m not 100% sure this training is really meant for me, per se, but whatever. My focus next year will primarily be the coaching and instructional support stuff, but like anything else, I feel like the more I know, the better I can be at my job.

This session is hosted by Henry Hall, Principal at Richardson West Junior High Arts & Technology Magnet. This school has been 1:1 with chromebooks for the last 7 years.

The first thing I have to point out about this session is that the door to the room is super annoying. It makes this loud and lasting sound every time it closes. And for whatever reason, it appears to be closing every minute. It’s ridiculous. While I’m on the topic of complaints, I find it really annoying when teachers take pictures of PowerPoint slides as they are presented. 98% of the time, the presentation is available to you after the fact. It’s a stupid pet-peeve for me.

Anyways, the beginning section of this session is about selecting the right device and the selection process. They did it really well. But since my district has already made that decision (and I’m guessing they weren’t nearly as thorough as these guys were), this isn’t really relevant to me.

For better or worse (for me, worse), they allowed a free-flowing question format. This meant that much of the time was monopolized by the other audience members asking repetitive and unnecessary questions. I feel like they had more information to provide and they just couldn’t get to it.