ISTE2015 Sessions – 1-in-3 Round 2

My last session of ISTE2015 (no! I don’t want it to be over!) is 1-in-3 Round 2. 1-in-3 is much like an Ignite talk, but only 3 minutes and not as restrictive on what can be on the slides (can have video and sound and don’t have to autoforward).

I unfortunately showed up a couple minutes late, so didn’t see the first couple. I like the format though. It’s quicker, but not quite as rigid as Ignite. Interesting.

I enjoyed hearing about Alissa DeVito’s (@alissa_devito) student “Genius Bar.” She gave a quick background on how her’s started and a couple of key pointers for starting your own. The one that resonated with me most clearly was that you need a clear system for students to be able to notify the teacher when there is an issue they can’t fix.

The next 1-in-3 I enjoyed was by Jordan Garrett (@jg_jgarrett). She talked about her ISWAT group (I am a Student Willing to Assist with Technology).  She gave some great steps to setting up a student group that helps with not only technology issues, but also with students potentially running Professional Development for staff. I LOVE this idea! One of the big things I will be doing in my new roll is developing PD for our staff. Having some of those PD run by students is a fascinating concept, and one I will be trying next year.

Hadley Ferguson (@hadleyjf) gave another fascinating presentation about EdCamp. The basic idea, as I understand it, is a conference where anyone can present, and the presentations are developed at the conference. No pretense, no titles, just discussion and coffee (her words). It sounds really interesting, and they now have a grant application to get an “EdCamp-In-A-Box” kit. You can apply here.

I’ll be posting a final reflection on ISTE 2015 sometime tonight or tomorrow.