Episode 16 – Beth Scanlon

Hello, and welcome to Episode 16 of the Planning Period Podcast, the #EdBreakroom, I’m your host Brad Shreffler. In this week’s episode, I talk to Beth Scanlon, reading, literacy and technology coach at a nearby school to me in Central Florida, as well as one of the founders of our local EdCamp conference, EdCampOrange.

Beth and I have crossed paths a few times at different conferences and events, and every time I’ve spoken to her, I’m blown away by her insights into the profession, so I was really excited to talk to her for the show. This episode is also a little different, because it was originally aired live and uncut on VoicEd Radio. Beth and I went live on the air for a little over an hour, and it aired only once, and then I cut it up and made this episode. You might notice the flow of the conversation is just a little different, and that is mostly because I was getting used to this new style. This won’t be the last live episode, but after this, I got more in the flow of it I think.

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Beth and I discuss the teacher shortage, keeping teachers excited, and when they lose that passion they start with, the power of reading as a teacher, professionally and personally, the power of doing things that are different as teachers, the struggle of being a parent of a student in public school, as well as the struggle of being a child of a teacher, and the downsides of AR.

Thanks again to Beth for being on the show, and for doing it live no less. That was a really interesting and fun experience.

If you’d like to connect with Beth, checkout her twitter, she’s @Scanloe, or her website seekingsix.blogspot.com. Also, don’t forget to checkout EdCamp Orange on twitter, @EdCampOrange, or Facebook.

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Until next week, be sure you pick carefully where you plant your flag.

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