Chris Cluff – Episode 24

Hello, and welcome to Episode 24 of the Planning Period Podcast, your #EdBreakroom. I’m your host, Brad Shreffler.

This week, I am joined on the podcast by Chris Cluff. I first heard about Cluff on VoicEd Radio, and started listening to his podcast Chasing Squirrels. He comes from outside education originally, as a classically trained chef, and came into education after. He has worked in a lot of capacities, but currently works in what we would call an alternative school, specifically working with students who have been expelled or suspended.

He is also just a mind-blowing guy. He is understated, calm, and brilliant. He will drop nuggets of weapons-grade wisdom as casually as asking how your day is.

Cluff and I talked for nearly 2 hours, and it is all awesome. So, I’ve decided to do something special. This week, you will get the second half of our conversation, which is where we go over my three typical questions. Next week, as a special Thanksgiving bonus episode, I will be releasing the first half of the conversation, which is focused more on Cluff’s work in his position and his podcast.

In this part of the conversation we talk about how important it is for us to look after each other as teachers, sharing our context and really drawing on the connections we make, taking risks as teachers, demysifing the education system for kids, and being a little bit of everything for your students.

So, sit back and enjoy Episode 24 of the Planning Period Podcast, my interview of Chris Cluff.

Seriously Cluff, I was completely blown away by our conversation, and thank you so much for talking with me.

If you want to connect with Chris (and honestly, you should) you can find him on twitter @chrisjcluff, and find his podcast, Chasing Squirrels at I also have a link to the EdCan episode we talked about at the beginning of this episode in the show notes.

If you have comments or questions about the show, you can always connect with me on twitter, @BradShreffler. I love to hear from you. That’s also a great place to connect if you’d like to be a guest on the show.

Until next week, don’t forget to ask the person on the bench why they’re crying.



Chasing Squirrels – EdCan Presentation

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“I’m not jail-breaking or hacking the system, I’m making sure everyone is clear on the rules of engagement.” -Chris Cluff

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