Maire Cervenak – Owning Your Story

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Maire Cervenak - Owning Your Story

Hello, and welcome to Episode 83 of the Planning Period Podcast, your #EdBreakroom. I’m your host, Brad Shreffler.

This week on the show I am joined by Maire Cervenak, former elementary school teacher in New Jersey, now consultant and recent podcast host. I recently heard her on The Ed Podcast with Shane Lawrence, and after hearing her story, I immediately messaged her, about 20 minutes into the episode and asked her to join me on my podcast.

Before you listen to this episode, I highly recommend that you take a listen to Conversation 84 of The Ed Podcast. Maire and I do a surface overview of her story in this episode, but on The Ed Podcast she gets deep into what happened to her. It is a fascinating and eye-opening listen. You can find that episode by clicking here.

Maire and I talk about some of the politics of school and how they can impact teachers, the concerns with the people holding the money and micromanagement of teachers, how the ants outnumber the grasshoppers, how teachers need to speak up about the problems we are facing in schools, the problems with public behavior charts and archaic practices that just will not go away, and how your students will always remember the way you make them feel, even when they don’t remember what you taught them.

I also need to point out that the sound quality is not the best on this episode. I made a really obvious and silly mistake when recording and so I sound far away throughout a lot of the episode. 83 episodes in you would think I would have a better handle on things, but nope. The content is still compelling though, so I hope my sound won’t dissuade you from listening.

So, sit back and enjoy Episode 83 of the Planning Period Podcast, my interview with Maire Cervenak.


Maire, thank you so much for honesty during this chat. It was so much fun and had some great points to ponder.

To connect with Maire, find her on Twitter @mairecervenak, and check out her podcast Faculty Room which you can find on Anchor.FM or clicking the link here.

If you have comments or questions about the show, you can always connect with me on twitter, @BradShreffler, and now on Instagram @BradShreffler as well. I love to hear from you there. That’s also a great place to connect if you’d like to be a guest on the show. Or, the Feedback Page on my website gives you options for feedback as well, which you can find at

Until next week, be the Flick in your building.


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