VoicEd Gratitude Exchange and Holiday Special

Our VoicEd Family is celebrating the holidays by doing a gift exchange, and we are giving the gift of thanks! No money, no gadgets or gizmos, just a chance to tell another VoicEd creator how great they are. 14 VoicEd Creators signed up for a name exchange, and today, names were assigned. From December 18th through 22nd, we will be saying thanks to our Secret Santa different ways each day.

Use #VoicEdGratitude

Day 1: December 18th – Share out your Secret Thankee – Maybe tweet out their show or their blog, tell the world what makes them awesome.
Day 2: December 19th – Send a personal thank you – Be specific! Did you take one of their ideas and put it in practice? Do they put a smile on your face with their brilliance? Let them know. Public or private, up to you.
Day 3: December 20th – Make a constructive recommendation – What do you think would make their work even betterer than it is now? New equipment, change their workflow, add a question. Let’s not just thank them, let’s make them better!
Day 4: December 21st – Make them laugh (GIF IT UP) – I think you get this one. Put a smile on their face.
Day 5: December 22nd – Make them a picture – The best gifts are ones that are made, so take some time and make them a little something. Maybe do a fan art drawing of their show logo. They don’t have a logo? Make them one! Draw it and scan it, do the graphic design, or just combine some stuff on MS Paint. Your call.

Finally, on the 22nd, we will be doing a 2 hour live VoicEd Holiday Special. All participants of the exchange are invited to pop-in for a few minutes or the full 2 hours to share their sent and received gratitude and favorite holiday memories or traditions.

If you are not a VoicEd Content Creator, or you are and didn’t get a chance to sign up, you can still participate! The link below is to a Google Form where you can fill out your information and I will be pairing people up to share their gratitude with others like we are. Or, just follow this schedule for someone (or someones) of your choice! Don’t forget to tag your posts with #VoicEdGratitude

Sign-Up For The Exchange

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