Flipped PD – Day 1

Today it started. This morning, I tweeted out my nervousness, because when I got to work, I published the first Flipped PD course and sent an email to the staff explaining the process.

And it’s true. If this doesn’t work, it will be a long year. I described it to my fiance last night, I’ve laid my reputation on this little experiment.

Anyways, nervousness aside, I released it today. It consisted of a 7 minute recording (that you can listen to a censored version of below if interested) about EdCamp and what it is. It also includes a quick comprehension quiz to help me collect data about who has and hasn’t listened.

Things have not gone as great as I would like. The first email response that came in after sending out the details was “Is this mandatory?” Ouch.

The second one I got was:

I hate to say it Brad, but this seems like too much work for .5-2 points on our already full plates!

The third was another “Is this mandatory?”

Please don’t misunderstand, I get these teachers’ questions. They are busy, they have a lot to do. However, this isn’t something more on their plate. As I told the second teacher, PD is mandatory regardless, this is just an attempt to maximize that time and make it more useful.

Still, I expected these kinds of responses from my teachers. It’s new, and new is scary.

What I’m more concerned about is involvement and completion. Our duty day is over, has been for almost an hour as I write this, and only 4 people have completed the quiz.

Not a huge success, but as is my mission this year, I feel it was worth sharing. They are supposed to be done with it by the end of the day Wednesday for our first EdCamp on campus. I will update later this week with how it is going.

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