Tami Jimenez from Time To Teach – Episode 14

This week on the Planning Period Podcast, I talk with Tami Jimenez. Tami is the host of the “Time to Teach” podcast and pre-first teacher out of Mexico. We met through a Facebook group for educators who podcast that she started, and through her I’ve made a lot of great connections. I’m also a fan of her podcast, and have picked up a lot of cool ideas from that as well.

Tami and I talk a lot about grading, from grading practices to monitoring and constant formative data collection, and data-based decision making. Tami brings a great perspective to this conversation as her school has transitioned into standards-based grading this year, and the discussion is fascinating.

Tami and I are also doing something a little special this week. Tami and I had a second conversation besides the one you’re about to hear, in which she actually interviewed me for her podcast. So, if you listen and like what you hear, then later this weekend, you can catch me on the Time to Teach, Season 4 Episode 17, in which I discuss how I build a positive classroom culture at the secondary level.

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Until next week, don’t let the comfort in what you’ve always done stop you from trying something new.

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