Planning Period Round Table – Episode 13

Planning Period Podcast
Planning Period Podcast
Planning Period Round Table - Episode 13

On Wednesday, August 30th, VoicEd Radio did a 15 hour long, live radiothon. As a member of the VoicEd family, I was invited to join in, and I jumped at the chance.

For an hour, I went live with some of my previous guests. I was joined by my dad, Bob Shreffler (Episode 10), Kristen Iannuzzi (Episode 2), and Nicole Mutters (Episode 4). We also had a live studio audience guest, and future podcast guest, Emily Minguez.

Given their positions, I thought that the best way to frame the discussion was with the idea of the phases of an education career. We talked about some of our favorite stories from our careers and what those stories say about us. I also had people listening live give question suggestions.

Overall, it was a ton of fun, so for this week, I give you the recording of our live stream, Planning Period Round Table.

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