Matt Miller – Episode 43

Hello, and welcome to Episode 43 of the Planning Period Podcast, your #EdBreakroom. I’m your host, Brad Shreffler.

This week on the show I am joined by Matt Miller. You may know Matt Miller from his successful book Ditch That Textbook, from his podcast with Kasey Bell Google Teacher Tribe, his online conference Ditch Summit, or any other number of online initiatives. I personally listen to the podcast and have copies of his book to start a book club with. I knew that he would make a great addition to the show, and he absolutely did.

Matt and I talk about valuing teachers, and how important it is, how hard it is to move the “barge” of education and maybe we need some tug boats, the disconnect between what what we do in the classroom and what we’re being begged to create, bringing in outside experts into your room, authentic and global audiences for our students’ work, and the need for change and how we might get there.

So, sit back and enjoy Episode 43 of the Planning Period Podcast, my interview with Matt Miller.


Jimmy Matt, thanks again for joining me on the podcast. It was a great conversation, and I know that my audience will get lots out of it.

If you want to connect with Matt, you can find him on twitter @JMattMiller or at his website Also, if you don’t already, checkout his podcast with Kasey Bell The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast. It’s one of my favorite weekly listens.

If you have comments or questions about the show, you can always connect with me on twitter, @BradShreffler. I love to hear from you. That’s also a great place to connect if you’d like to be a guest on the show.

Until next week, be the tugboat.

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