Brad Shreffler – My Mental Health Journey

Planning Period Podcast
Planning Period Podcast
Brad Shreffler - My Mental Health Journey

Hello, and welcome to Episode 132 of the Planning Period Podcast, part of the OnPodcastMedia Network. I’m your host, Brad Shreffler.

This week on the show it is just me talking to you. I rarely editorialize on the podcast, but there have been things happening over the last 6 months or so that I feel compelled to tell you, as my audience.

Before I get to that though, let me start with an apology. I have definitely missed a couple of episode releases in the last month. Things here in Florida have been truly chaotic, between our governor saying that all schools will reopen face-to-face 5 days a week by the end of August (at the same time the state consistently breaks its own daily positive cases record), our largest teachers’ union in the state suing him and the state board of education, to even more constant changes at the local level. Most recently, last Monday we were told that the start date for school would not be pushed back two weeks as previously stated and instead teachers would begin preplanning that Friday. I went from having nearly 3 weeks to finish a plan for what online learning/blended learning/whatever would look like for our teachers and build the necessary professional development to give them that model and support in it, to having 3 days.

I’m sure that many of you have been in the same and similar boats. I’m not saying that any of this is necessarily bad decisions (well, the Florida governor’s decision to force all schools in the state back was definitely wrong, I have no doubt about that) and I don’t necessarily know there are right decisions. Either way, I have been very much in the middle of it, and have not had the necessary time to complete podcast episodes.

With school starting back on Monday (I’m recording this on the morning of its release, August 7th) my schedule will start to normalize, and so the podcast will go back to weekly releases again starting next week.

Now, for today’s episode. I am going to take some time to read a blog post that is going up on this weekend. I think the piece speaks for itself, so I’m just going to jump into it. I would really love to hear people’s thoughts on this, as it is tremendously personal to me, and I’m hoping will have some value for others.

Click here for the full text of the episode.

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Until next time, just go take care of yourself.

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